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Wicked Elphaba

Wicked tickets are booking until mid 2014

Wicked tickets are available from £19.00 for most performances and special offers for reduced tickets appear throughout the year.

For something to make your trip to the theatre particularly memorable there are also dinner and ticket deals on offer for selected performances of Wicked. For £62.50 you can get a top-price ticket as well as a two-course meal from the special pre-theatre menu at Bbar, a South African restaurant and bar close to Buckingham Palace Royal Mews; alternatively, for the same price you can opt for a meal at Italian Prezzo, which is a mere five minutes’ walk from the theatre, in addition to your stalls or dress circle seats. Both of these deals represent a free meal, with the ticket alone costing £62.50 in most cases.

Where to Sit

Best view

The theatre is one of the largest in London, with a seating capacity of 2208. The stalls are on the ground-floor level and offer the best views, although sitting in the first few rows can block your view of some scenes. The front rows of the circle also offer great panoramic views of the stage.  Both sections are quite wide, and your view will not be as good on either end of the theatre. We’d recommend seats in rows E and above between seats 10 and 36 in the stalls and rows A-G between seats 15 and 35 in the circle.

On a budget

For patrons seeing the show on a budget, the best deals can be found in the circle. Because of the width of the seating area, views on either extremity of each row won’t be as good. We’d recommend that you try to get seats as close to the centre of the row as possible, even if it means seating a few rows further back. The midpoint in each row is usually between seats 23-26.

Restricted views

Seats with restricted views will be labelled as such when you purchase them. Because of the width of the theatre, seats on either end of the row in both the stalls and the circle will suffer from restricted views.

Box Office

In Person

If you would rather book directly from the box office of the Apollo Victoria Theatre than online you can visit in person, with opening hours of 10am until 6.30pm from Monday to Saturday. Between 1.30pm and 2.30pm on Wednesday and Saturday advance bookings are suspended due to matinees occurring at that time.

Box office address: Apollo Victoria Theatre, 17 Wilton Road, London, SW1V 1LG


Call 0844 826 8000 for general bookings or 020 7828 7074 for access queries.


Please feel free to feedback and ask questions about tickets, booking and the box office. We will do our best to answer as many of these as possible.

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